I installed the Ecobee Internet Enabled Smart Thermostat a few months ago.  Now that I have been using the Ecobee a while I can say without hesitation that I love it!  There are 2 components.  The first one is the equipment interface module that goes in the basement to connect to the heating and cooling equipment seen here attached to my cold air return:

I thought it would be interesting to see the breakdown of American net worth statistics by the different geographic regions.  A couple overall trends stand out.

Looking for a FREE Federal tax e-filing option? I found it – the old and reputable firm CCH has a website called CompleteTax and is offering a free online service to prepare and file your 1040EZ return this year.

In my previous post discussing CCH’s CompleteTax service, I discovered they e-file form 1040EZ for free.   I have since learned that H&R Block will e-file a basic 1040 for free also.  However, stay tuned….there are some additional details we need to understand.

To calculate my Personal Net Worth, I substitute the information below in my Net Worth Formula.  The basic formula for Net Worth is:  ASSETS minus LIABILITIES.  It is defined as Everything you OWN, minus Everything you OWE.

As you can see from the Household Net Worth Statistics charts below, the median value of household net worth for families has risen rapidly since 1989. 

Here are the latest statistics available for average (mean) U.S. Net Worth Distribution Statistics by Age.  You can see the trend over time in the first chart and view the raw numbers in the bottom chart. 

I put a sample of a personal net worth statement template form up on Google Docs. You can easily download it then add and remove rows at your leisure. Keeping a local copy you can add and remove accounts as needed without re-creating it every time.

Here are the latest Net Worth Percentiles available in 2010. 

These are startling graphs.  I knew wealth was concentrated at the top, but I guess I never knew just how much.  These graphs visually confirm how each year the top 10 percent are gaining wealth more rapidly than the poor or middle class.   The median net worth values show small improvement in the middle class but nothing in the bottom 25%.